Police investigating new reports of Peeping Tom, flasher in Bellingham

BELLINGHAM, Wash. – It’s happened yet again -- a Peeping Tom has struck in Bellingham at least four times last weekend alone.

It’s been an ongoing problem in the North Sound community for at least a year.

Classes are also about to start at local colleges in the area and police are warning everyone to take steps to protect themselves, especially women.

Cops say the crimes have been happening around Laurel Park. The suspect reportedly stands close or even taps on windows late at night and then exposes himself.

“The fact that it’s happening in the same area lends us to think it could be the same person,” said Bellevue Police Lt. Claudia Murphy.

Law enforcement across the area will be spreading the word about the illegal activity to warn neighbors and new or returning college students that a Peeping Tom is back at work in Bellingham.

Officials are warning neighbors to draw curtains and blinds, especially for those living on a ground-level unit. They are also asking people to turn on outside lighting in an attempt to reduce the number of areas that a voyeur could hide from responding officers.

“Getting that blast out to students will hopefully make the start of the school year better than what it could be,” said Murphy.