Police investigating bullets striking Kent house

KENT, Wash. – Police are investigating gunshots fired into a home near 40th Avenue South.

A police department spokesperson told Q13 News officers responded to the neighborhood just before noon after receiving reports of someone shooting a gun into another person’s house.

It happened near 40th Avenue South and South 271st Place.

A person living in the targeted home told Q13 News as many as a dozen bullets ripped through the walls.

Miraculously nobody was injured.

Police detained one person, but his identity and involvement in the incident have not yet been confirmed with investigators.

One neighbor told Q13 News bullets were fired into their home, damaging walls and other property.

In all, nine people were inside the home including three kids and six adults. When they heard gunfire, everyone ran to a room on the opposite side of the building and sheltered in place, according to the neighbor.

Some neighbors said at first, they weren’t sure what they heard was gunfire as a construction project was underway nearby.

Considering police are investigating a shooting, one neighbor said he was grateful nobody was reported injured.

“Well I’m scared now too, you know, to live here,” said Gus Desimone. “My God, if that’s going to happen, what are we going to do? When are we going to stop this gun thing? It’s terrible.”

Police remained on the scene until approximately 6 p.m.

Nearby schools had been placed into lockdown while the stand-off continued.