Police investigate more cases connected to suspected rapist posing as ride-share driver

SEATTLE -- More women have come forward to share their run-ins with a suspected rapist posing as a ride-share driver.

While police have now arrested a 34-year-old man for investigation of rape, more charges could be coming.

On Tuesday, police released surveillance video looking for the man who they say posed as a ride-share driver and then sexually assaulted a woman last December.

According to detectives in this case, the suspect picked up a woman in the 5100 block of Ballard Avenue in Seattle, then pulled the car over in White Center and raped her.

Now, more stories from possible victims are coming to the light.

The King County Sheriff’s Department is investigating another case after a woman posted a video on Reddit showing a man trying to lure her into his car in Fremont a few months ago.

While she didn't take the ride; police say the same suspect may be involved in this case.

“He says 'I could be your ride, I could be your Uber,' but she refuses to get in,” Sgt. Ryan Abbott with The King County Sheriff’s Office explained. “There's a lot of similarities in that one, we are really close to saying it's the same guy as well.”

Police have already confirmed it's the same suspect connected to another case dating back to August of last year. A woman says she was also offered a ride from a bar on Ballard Ave in Seattle.

According to police, the fake-ride share driver took her home and later tried to get inside.

“He told her she forgot her cell phone which she knew wasn't true because she was talking on her cell phone,” said Sgt. Abbott. “He then tried to push the door open towards her but she was able to push back and actually close the door and it locked.”

On Thursday, the suspect made his first court appearance, where his bond was set at $750,000.

"If he's already done this twice, maybe three times how many more people are out there we don't know about?” said Sgt. Abbott.

The King County Sheriff’s Office is asking any other victims out there to come forward with information.

They're also reminding ride share users to always check the vehicle information as well as the driver’s information before getting into a vehicle.

You can ask the driver to tell you your name; information a legitimate driver would have in their app.