Police in Oregon say man with COVID-19 coughed, spit on officers

Tigard, Oregon, police say a DUI suspect purposefully coughed on and spit at police officers after they found him passed out in a car.

Police in the Portland suburb were called to a McDonalds restaurant at about 2:30 a.m. Sunday about a man who had fallen asleep in the drive-thru and appeared drunk.

When officers arrived, the man had moved his car into lower parking lot and was passed out in the driver’s seat, partially hanging out of the side door, police said in a press release.

Officers could smell alcohol and asked the man to turn off the car, but he put it in drive and rolled forward, nearly hitting the patrol car. Police arrested the man for driving under the influence.

While officer were searching the man for weapons, he began coughing profusely and said he had COVID-19.

“An officer asked him to stop coughing on them, but he turned his face toward the officers and proceeded to cough and spit on one of their faces while standing less than a foot away,” police said.

Staff at the jail later confirmed the man was COVID-19 positive. He was booked on an additional charge of felony aggravated harassment.

The officer was wearing a surgical mask and gloves at the time and is now under quarantine.