Police: Handcuffed woman steals police cruiser, leads officers on 100 mph chase (DASHCAM VIDEO)

PITTSBURGH, Pennsylvania -- Police in Pennsylvania have released nine minutes of dashcam video showing just how fast a handcuffed woman was driving after they say she stole a patrol car and lead officers on a chase.

WPXI-TV reported that Roxanne Rimer, 27, allegedly crawled through a glass partition in an officer’s car after her shoplifting arrest and managed to drive the cruiser at speeds of up to 100 mph for nearly 10 miles while other officers chased her.

From WPXI.com

“With her back turned and her hands cuffed behind her back, she manages to put it in gear and drive. And from what we can gather, she drove at very high speeds with that position somehow manipulating the gears and steering the wheel. Thank God no one else was hurt,” Center Township Police Chief Barry Kramer said. “She put a lot of lives in danger.”

The chief told WPXI-TV the stolen cruiser’s lights and sirens were on and likely served as a warning to pedestrians and other drivers, possibly even saving lives.

Rimer now faces a slew of new charges.