Police go high-tech to catch package thieves

ISSAQUAH, Wash. – The Issaquah Police Department is going high-tech in its pursuit of holiday package thieves.

The department has loaned to several homeowners an electronic doorbell made by Ring. The device is equipped with a camera and microphone that can alert homeowners to strangers at the front door.

Police are targeting the device’s placement in neighborhoods that experienced high levels of package thefts last year.

“It’s nice to know who’s on your front porch,” said homeowner Valerie Krock, who already owns a Ring video doorbell but is not part of the police department’s pilot project.

She said several of her neighbors were victims of package thieves and she praises police for going digital to fight crime.

“That’s pretty innovative. I think that’s great that they’re doing this pilot to see how technology can play a role in keeping our neighborhood safer,” she said.

Police hope next year to expand the program and more importantly, catch criminals.

“Success ultimately, of course, is decreasing package thefts within this city,” said Issaquah Community Police Officer Ryan Smith. “We want to be able to get more of them, to loan more of them out.”

More information about the project can be found on the city’s website.