Police cook pasta for elderly couple heard crying inside their apartment in Rome

ROME -- The story of police in Rome cooking dinner for an elderly couple has gone viral on Facebook.

One day last week, police responded to an apartment after neighbors reported hearing loud crying from inside the home.

Police found Michele, 94, and Jole, 84, crying inside the apartment, according to the Facebook post.

The couple has been together 70 years and don't get many visitors, police said. They rely on their television for entertainment, according to the translation of the Facebook post.

On this day, there was a lot of depressing news being reported which apparently upset the couple, causing them to "scream so loud in their despair that, in the end, somebody" called police.

When police determined the couple was in good health and there was "no one to save," police prepared a spaghetti dinner for the couple.

"This time, for the boys, there is a more daunting task — two lonely souls who need reassuring. They understand that just a little human warmth will restore tranquility to Jole and Michele," police wrote on Facebook.