Police busting speeders in school zones, adopt 'no tolerance' policy

BONNEY LAKE -- During March, police will take a 'no tolerance' stance against speeders in school zones and all aggressive driving violations.

Police say keeping children safe in school zones is a top priority for the department and admit speeding is a problem on a daily basis.

Officer Daron Wolschleger said, "We’ve had a couple car versus pedestrians with kids. It’s a problem everywhere. Not just the city of Bonney Lake, Pierce county state of Washington, its everywhere."

Bonney Lake police say the goal is to educate drivers and keep children safe.

Camielle Anderson walks his son to school every day and sees people breaking the law all the time. She loves the idea of extra patrols but wishes there was more the police could do.

"I think it shouldn’t just be for a month," Anderson said. "It should be longer than that."