Police arrest man threatening people with a knife in Tacoma

Police arrested suspect who was threatening people with a knife near a laundromat Saturday. 

According to Tacoma Police Department, officers responded to the parking lot near S. Hosmer St. and S. 84th St. in Tacoma at around 1:00 p.m. When they arrived, they found a man experiencing a mental crisis, threatening people with a knife.

Authorities say the man was stabbing and breaking car windows. One of the drivers in the parking lot hit the suspect, but neither the driver nor the suspect were injured. 

A viewer called FOX 13 saying his girlfriend was at the scene. She says she saw the owner of the laundromat heroically bring a ‘bunch of kids’ inside his business to keep them safe.

The suspect was arrested and booked into the Pierce County Jail.

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This is a developing story.