Police arrest Bellevue man accused of assaulting, threatening two daughters

BELLEVUE, Wash. -- Police in Bellevue arrested a man accused of assaulting two of his teenage daughters several times -- even pointing a gun at one of them and threatening to kill her.

According to the Bellevue Police Department, the 48-year-old man was released last Tuesday from a two-week involuntary psychological evaluation.

Investigators say the suspect assaulted his 14 and 17 year old daughters on several occasions and reportedly "pointed a rifle at the 17 year old threatening to kill her."

Around 11 p.m. Sunday, Bellevue Police, the Hostage Negotiations Team, King County Sheriff's Office and Guardian One went to serve an arrest warrant for the suspect on SE 14th St.

Authorities said all known firearms were previously confiscated from the suspect by court order. However, police were very concerned after discovering that he was in possession of gunpowder.

"Due to the increase in risk factors, a plan to evacuate neighbors surrounding the suspect’s home was in place should that become necessary. Bellevue Fire Department Medics were staged at a nearby location and a fire response was prepared in the event of a fire."

The suspect followed police orders and surrendered around midnight.