Police: 21-year-old son of day care operator accused of molesting kids

NORTH BEND -- Disturbing details are coming out about alleged child-sex abuse at a home day care in North Bend.

The King County Sheriff’s Office is investigating claims that the son of the day care operator abused two young children who were being cared for in his home. Charging documents detail sexual acts involving the children that allegedly took place inside the home where 21-year-old Lazarus Honeywell lives.

According to the paperwork, Honeywell's mother had been watching two children for three years – and the alleged abuse had been going on for much of that time. Prosecutors said Honeywell sexually molested a 3-year-old and a 5-year-old while his mother babysat them.

“I’ve got two small ones,” said neighbor Lena Kelly. “Everyone seems real nice around here, so it’s shocking.”

“The family’s been so nice to us,” said neighbor Paul Hansen. “I just can’t believe that -- I hope it’s not true.”

The court documents contain details that say Honeywell engaged in repeated sexual conduct with the young children and told the older boy to keep quiet about the contact, telling the young boy that “it’s just our thing.”

The boy also told investigators that he told Honeywell he wanted it to stop.

Neighbors worry there may be more young victims, since so many kids play in the area.

“We’ve got a lot of kids in this neighborhood,” Kelly said. “My son goes to school, there’s a school right down the street, there’s a park – there’s always kids out here.”

Prosecutors asked the judge to set bail at $150,000. Prosecutors also said Honeywell admitted to one incident of inappropriate touching, but denies anything else happened. Honeywell is in the King County Jail facing child rape and child molestation charges.