Police: 16-year-old shot another boy in the chest at McDonald's following dispute over hair-pick

KENT – A 16-year-old shot another boy in the chest in a McDonald’s parking lot in a dispute over a hair pick last Friday, according to charging documents.

Diontae Moore-Lyons left his hair pick in a car that belonged to the victim’s girlfriend. Almost immediately, police said, the girlfriend began receiving threatening calls from other girls demanding that she return the hair pick.

Moore-Lyons set up a meeting at the McDonald’s at 10125 S.E. 256th St. to get it back. When the 17-year-old victim said he didn’t have the pick, an argument ensued. According to charging documents, Moore-Lyons pulled out a gun and the victim dared him to shoot.

The victim later said he didn’t expect Moore-Lyons to do so.

Moore-Lyons turned himself in the next morning. He is being charged as an adult by King County prosecutors.