Plane hit by bullet after shots fired near Renton Municipal Airport

RENTON, Wash. -- Renton police need help investigating a shooting, but they have no suspects and no victims.

It happened at 2 a.m. Saturday in a parking lot along Rainier Avenue North, next to the Renton Municipal Airport.

Surveillance video shows flashes of gunfire, with bullets flying across Rainier Avenue.

Renton police believe the targets of that gunfire were sitting in multiple cars in the parking lot. Those cars can be seen taking off down Rainier moments later.

While Renton police say they found around 20 shell casings, but no victims have come forward. And because of the dark, grainy video, they also can’t identify the two suspects.

People who visit this parking lot during the day to watch the planes come and go are upset by the violence.

“You look across there, you can’t beat a view like that. It would be sad to have it fenced off. I hope that whatever happened is just one of those things that happen randomly,” says Louis Pratt.

Renton police say one aircraft on the east side of the runway was struck by two bullets, but they don’t believe that Boeing or its employees were the intended target.

In an emailed statement, Boeing said, in part:

“On two occasions, Boeing employees on the Renton flight line reported hearing shots fired in the vicinity of the Renton airport. Boeing and Renton police are working together ... Taking precautions to ensure the safety of Boeing employees and security of our facilities."

Investigators say they received a second round of calls regarding shots fired in the very same area around  3 a.m. Wednesday, but found no shell casings or evidence. They aren’t sure if the two instances are connected.

Anyone with information is asked to call Renton police.