Pierce County gets pumped for NFC Champion Seahawks

TACOMA -- Around lunch time on Sunday, the streets of Tacoma were as quiet as a ghost town. But if you ventured inside anywhere with a TV, it was likely as loud as a poltergeist.

"I never felt this great in my life about football," said John Hayward, a lifelong Seahawks fan, watching the game in a packed bar, Office Space, in downtown Tacoma.

Another Pierce County Seahawks fan, Joelle Austin, admitted watching the game,"is a little more nerve-wracking then I'm used to."

Nerve-wracking because the Hawks fell 16-0 to start the game. But fans all over downtown Tacoma stayed pumped.

"I’m a positive person," said Dan Hanson at The Swiss Restaurant and Pub. "The Hawks have done an amazing job this season, and I have a lot of faith. You’re going to see every Seahawks fan root as loud as they can. That’s just what we do."

He was right. As the game went on, fans around Tacoma just got louder and louder, and when the miraculous happened, a Russell Wilson touchdown pass in overtime to win it, fans in Pierce County made a sound so loud, you could imagine them hearing it in Seattle, by the team that is going back to the Super Bowl.