Pierce County animal control, deputies wrangle alligator stored in shipping container

Pierce County deputies and animal control seized an alligator from a shipping container in Lakebay last week.

According to the sheriff's department, animal control had a prior complaint about a person on a property who had an alligator. When deputies responded to the property they couldn't find the reptile.

On Oct. 20, animal control stopped by the property and found the alligator stored in a small tub inside a shipping container. 

Deputies said they also found sick calf and a mattress belonging to the 32-year-old owner to sleep in the container with the animals. 

Animal control returned to the property the next day with a warrant and wrangled up the alligator and to check up on the sick calf. But the owner and the calf were not on the property. 

The animal was placed into animal control's vehicle and taken to the Tacoma Humane Society, where a wildlife rehabilitation sanctuary met with them to take custody of the reptile.

"It is illegal to possess alligators in the State of Washington and this gator was also not in a great environment," deputies said.

The alligator was in good health and will be placed in a larger habitat.