Pierce County community surprises mom who found out this Thanksgiving could be her last

EDGEWOOD, Wash. -- Q13 FOX is hoping to help make the holidays a little brighter for those in need.

For the rest of the year, each day we'll feature stories of people and organizations making a difference in our community. And we want you to join in!

Here's one of those stories: A Pierce County community of neighbors and perfect strangers are rallying around a young mom and her family after learning this holiday season will likely be her last.

Mom Kimberly Jordison has a very rare type of ovarian cancer.

"The tumors have spread into my liver my spleen my lymph nodes and my muscles," said Kimberly. "The chemo that they recommended was just kind of a shot in the dark -- this could work, but we don’t really know."

So Kimberly made the decision to come home and spend the time she has left with her husband and two young boys.

"The last doctor said after looking at it six months she said, 'I don’t think you’ll be around ... do I think you’ll be here in six months? No.'"

"They know that mommy is sick but I don’t think they will understand until the day comes," said Kimberly.

Right now, Kimberly is focused on something much stronger than the cancer inside her because what surrounds her is community.

Unbeknownst to Kimberly or her husband Terry, a high school friend rallied some neighbors on Facebook to donate a big Thanksgiving dinner with all the fixins.

"When she told me that the end is coming," said friend Jessica Were. "Just as a mom to know that this is not gonna be here for them next year."

"The holiday are really hard having an empty seat," said friend Sarah Walton.

Sarah knows the feeling all too well. She lost her little girl, Ellie, to brain cancer in 2017.

"There's a huge community fo people that backed us and I want that community there for you guys as well," she said.

A spread of food is filling in so many ways because what really spread is the feeling of hope, grace and thankfulness.

"When you are going through something like this it makes you feel very alone, very lost and to know that there people out there that don’t even know you - it's such a good feeling to know there's good people out there like that," said Kimberly.