Pierce County businesses prepping for Phase 2 reopening

TACOMA -- Pierce County is waiting to be approved for Phase 2, which will allow businesses like restaurants, salons, and retailers to reopen.

Melissa Anderson owns Chemel Salon in Tacoma. She says her stylists are ready for clients.

"We're excited and prepared and ready to roll. We got together and practiced our PPE wear and had them completely try everything on and went through the motions of what would be required as a client comes in," said Anderson.

In the meantime, Anderson installed plexi-glass at the front desk, put up reminder signs to social distance, and signs assuring clients that tools and stations have been disinfected.

Across the street from the salon however, Hawaiian restaurant, Da Tiki Hut, says they're not going to reopen until Phase 4.

"We'd love to open it up but it just doesn't pencil out with the guidelines and restrictions. We don't have the square footage to make it work feasibly or financially," said Lerma.

He says it's been a struggle closing their dining room and hopes delivery and takeout orders will continue to keep his restaurant afloat until Phase 4.

"We've got a lot of good people that are supportive. It's a day in, day out thing. Some days are better than others," said Lerma.