Philadelphia police offer Kanye West a job

The Philadelphia Police Department is offering Kanye West a helping hand, by offering him a job.

The rapper, and self-proclaimed "greatest show on Earth," recently revealed he was $53 million in debt. So on their official Facebook page, Philly PD announced they were hiring and that, "with a starting salary of $47,920, Officer West could be completely debt free by the year 3122."

And that's only if "Officer West" were never to receive a raise.

The tongue-in-cheek post goes on to say, "even if you're not Kanye, please consider a career as a Philly Police Officer. You could earn a great living...and make a true difference in your community."

So far, the post has been shared thousands of times, with more than 600 comments.

No word if Mr. West has inquired about any employment opportunities.