'Phenomenal' and 'unbelievable' rain storm brings flash flooding to Tacoma streets, stadium (VIDEO)

TACOMA -- Witnesses say it started right about halftime of the Seahawks game.

First came the rain.

"The cloud burst was unbelievable. You just sit back and watch things like that and you go wow. You see the water flowing like a river down the road in front of us,” Witness Don Kelley said.

Don Kelley was watching the Hawks game when the rain started.

It was impressive enough but he could not have imagined what he would see when he looked out his window at stadium high school.

"I looked down at the stadium bowl and OH MY GOD! It was like a Niagara Falls going down in to the bowl. We've never seen anything like that before. I looked down at the playing surface and you couldn't see the playing surface. All it was; was a big lake. The water was pouring through the pedestrian entrances where we're used to seeing people walking down. It was like river,” Kelley said.

"I was stunned. I’m still stunned. I mean I haven't seen it like that in years and I'm a native of here,” witness Toby Greynolds said.

By nightfall the all the water had drained from the field.

Longtime residents like Toby Greynolds, who still remember when stadium bowl flooded in the 1980s, came back to see if there was any damage.

"I'm alumni from here, so that's what brought my interest here to come back and make sure the bowl was still intact and in one piece instead of what it was back in the eighties,” Greynolds said.

Away from the stadium the storm flooded roads and highways, including I-705, north bound at 11th Street.

At least one car lost control and spun out.

Fortunately no one was hurt.

One big problem seems to have been storm drains clogged with leaves.

Road crews were out immediately clearing drains so water could flow from the streets.

"Phenomenal; that’s all I can say. It looked like something impeding a river coming off a mountain

You can't describe it any other way,” Greynolds said.

District field crews will take a closer look at the field Monday morning to see what if any damage was done .

The good news is football and soccer seasons just ended so there is, hopefully, plenty of time to get the field back in shape before the players need it again.

If you have pictures of video of the flooding send it to us at www.tips@q13fox.com