Petition looks to allow pot use for cops

SEATTLE -- A petition started on is asking the Seattle City Council, the mayor and police chief to change city policy restricting police officers from using recreational marijuana.

The "Let Cops Use Pot" Petition advocates allowing the use of pot by currently employed Seattle police officers. The petition, started by the self-proclaimed Center for Legal Cannabis, stated that "Seattle is losing out on good police recruits by disallowing cannabis users the honor of serving." It also pointed out that "pot would make for mellower cops."

The Stranger, a weekly alternative newspaper, reported the mayor, the police chief and the city council could change police policy barring employees from smoking pot.

Here is the full letter advocating a change in department policy:

Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn 
Police Chief John Diaz 

Let cops use pot! Specifically, please stop disqualifying new recruits who use cannabis, and modify the employment policy that disallows off-duty cannabis use by Seattle police. I request this change because:

1. We need police who represent our people, and 74% of Seattle voters support legal pot.

2. Seattle is losing out on good police recruits by disallowing cannabis users the honor of serving.

3. Pot will make for mellower cops.