Petition circulating to save Seattle's Showbox after report it will be demolished

SEATTLE - A petition is circulating to save Seattle's iconic Showbox music venue, after a report that the building will be leveled to make room for a $100 million apartment high rise building.

The 79-year old building has seen thousands of big name acts over the years, from Duke Ellington to the Ramones to Pearl Jam to Nirvana to Prince to Lady Gaga.

The Seattle Times reported that a developer from Vancouver, B.C., the Omni Group, filed plans with the city to build a 440-foot, 442-unit mixed-use apartment building with commercial space on the ground floor. The venue is located on First Avenue in Seattle between Union and Pike.

The petition had been signed by about 3,500 people by 8 a.m. Thursday.

AEG says the Showbox's lease goes through 2021.