Personal movie theater, dancing spiders and trading weed on the stock market

We got this, 12th Man:This Eagles fan is raising the bar for football fans everywhere. I can't even listen to the whole thing, it's so obnoxious.

#Notsharing: Virtual, personal movie theaters take all of the anxiety out of going to the movies. I love this. I want one. 

Good question:This debate on Reddit over legal marijuana has me stumped. How would cannabis shops begin trading on the stock market?

The only spider I've ever liked: I can't watch spiders, usually .. but this one is pretty sweet. Love the colors!

The cutest: If I could put my money on the cutest bird out there ... it'd probably be the Japanese long-tailed tit.

Slo ride: It's Monday, after all,  and sometimes you just need to take everything in stride. (If you can figure out how to turn this gif this a screensaver.. get back to me!)

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