Woman killed by falling tree in Fall City

A woman was killed Monday morning after a tree fell onto them in Fall City, fire officials said. 

Crews with Eastside Fire and Rescue and Fall City Fire responded to a report of a tree that fell on Southeast 46th Street just before 9 a.m.

Officials said the tree had fallen on one person. 

"We went out there, they [fire crews] were able to move that person out from underneath the tree and at that time, some life-saving measures were performed," said Catherine Breault, the public information officer for Eastside Fire & Rescue. "CPR was administered or given for about 20 minutes on scene, before they eventually called it a fatality, unfortunately." 

It's unclear if she lived on the block or was taking care of animals in the rural area, or was simply taking a walk.  

People in the foothills were asked to avoid travel if possible as the area is experiencing high winds.

"The safety tip there is, stay inside. We don’t want you out in the roadways, we don’t want you out in your property," Breault said. "We see the power lines fall, we see the trees fall, we see structure damage every time we get these high winds and we want people to be safe and stay inside." 

The King County Sheriff's Office is investigating the incident.