People struggle to stay warm in the Big Freeze

BELLEVUE -- Many in Washington are struggling to cope as temperatures dip to dangerous conditions.

It was expected to get as low as 18 degrees overnight in Bellevue. Water fountains froze over, stopping people in their tracks to take pictures.

But even in the frigid cold, who says you can’t have fun?

Instead of canceling their company tailgate, employees at MainVue Homes in Bellevue started a fire.

“Yes, we are crazy,” Jennifer Hendrix-Johnson said

“Showing our support right here for the Seahawks -- they are tough, so we are tough,” employee Tony Chantharangsy said.

Not too far away, the bitter cold sent many searching for ways to warm up.

“I didn’t expect it be so cold,” Siwapan Waraphasakul said.

The chill means Café Cesura will have a better than normal night.

“We have a lot of lattes that we are producing everyone wants extra hot drinks right now,” barista Levi Davis said.

As day turned to night, people got busy to get the blood flowing.

They tapped back and forth, hopped up and down and some went for a full on jog.

“The wind, it’s just cold really cold,” Brittany Stewart said.

Despite multiple layers of clothes, the bus couldn’t come soon enough for Stewart.

“It’s Seattle it should be raining but instead we have cold and sun,” Lynne Robitaille said.

That misery was lost on Brandon Phillips, he isn’t shaking one bit and he was wearing shorts to prove it.

“Even if it was below zero I would be in shorts, it’s just comfortable for me I grew up in Chicago.

The region is dealing with the coldest temperatures in years and it is expected to get worse Saturday.