People say violent crime at 3rd and Pine is not surprising

SEATTLE, WA - People who live and work near the scene of a tragic shooting that happened on 3rd and Pine say, unfortunately, this kind of crime and violence is not surprising.

Wednesday, a shooting on 3rd in Pine Seattle left one person dead and several other people injured, including a child.

The next day, people were back to their routines at the scene of the incident.

“I’m honestly kind of just used to everything that happens on this street,” said George Franada.

Franada works a few feet from where the shooting happened. He says he heard the gunshots, but he says unfortunately that is not something new for the street.

“It’s kind of like a lost cause,” he said.

But city leaders are not OK with that being the status quo.

“We have to take it back. Enough is enough,” said John Scholes.

Scholes is the president and CEO of the Downtown Seattle Association. He says crime has happened for decades on 3rd and Pine and criminals feel too comfortable. He says the community needs to take action.

“We need a different set of strategies. We need to approach this with more resources, and more urgency. And whatever we do, we can’t let it disappear in four or five weeks,” he said.

The Downtown Seattle Association is holding a meeting for members of the community to discuss the current issues they are facing along 3rd Avenue.

The meeting is at Westlake Park on Friday at 10:30 a.m.