PEMCO Insurance: Watch out for motorcyles and scooters

SEATTLE -- People are bringing out their motorcycles and scooters this time of year, so drivers need to share the road responsibly.

It can be hard for drivers to understand how the road looks to a motorcycle rider.

"You might see a motorcycle swerve and think they are being careless," said Marian Kinsey, an Agency Associate at PEMCO Insurance. "In reality they probably saw a road hazard like a pothole or maybe a crack in the pavement that you don't even notice when you are driving a car."

The experts at PEMCO Insurance said motorcycles make up about three percent of registered vehicles in Washington.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when sharing the road with motorcycles:

    As for scooters, Kinsey said for more powerful ones, like Vespas, treat them the same as motorcycles.

    If you are talking about e-scooters, think bicycle. Leave a minimum of three feet of space around and e-scooter when passing it.