PEMCO Insurance: More car accidents likely when Seahawks lose

SEATTLE- A study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety is giving Seattle another reason to cheer hard for the Seahawks.

The study looked at 31 NFL stadiums across the country to see what effect game days had on traffic accidents.

Q13 spoke to the experts at PEMCO Insurance about the results and why it is important for Seahawks fans to be vigilant behind the wheel on game days.

"What they found was not a huge surprise," Communications Manager Derek Wing said. "With more people at the stadiums, there's more car crashes. What is interesting, though, is that when the home team won there were 3.2% more crashes, but when the home team lost there was a 9.4% increase in crashes."

The Insurance Institute did not try to explain why this is the case, but it would at least appear that drivers are less focused on their driving when they`re agonizing over a team loss.

"I think that there are a lot of things at play," Wing said. "First of all, emotions play a huge deal so if a team loses you might be angry, and driving more aggressively. There's also possibility you may have imbibed a little bit more, maybe had that extra beer as the team was losing, and quite honestly you may not be necessarily keeping your direction or focus on the road because you might be still thinking about a few plays that caused your team to lose, so there are a lot of things at play there."

PEMCO says there are several things you can do to stay safe on the road on game day: