Peeping Tom took 'significant steps' to film women at library, police say

BOTHELL, Wash. -- Police are investigating reports of a man entering the King County Library Bothell branch and taking "significant steps" to view and record women using the restroom on April 2 and April 4, Bothell police said.

The man allegedly entered the library in the 18000 block of 98th Avenue NE in early April between 7-8 p.m. He was seen by library staff and witnesses walking into the women's restroom and trying to film women on the toilets, Bothell police said.

Witnesses described the man as having a dark complexion, between 25 and 35 years old, and 5'6"-6' with a medium build.

Police encouraged adults who frequent the library with children to accompany their children to the bathroom. Any reports of unusual behavior such as adults of the opposite sex entering a bathroom should be reported to library staff.

Anyone with information on the incident should call the Bothell Police Tip Line at (425) 487-5551