Peaceful protest turns hostile in Seattle on Day 7 of demonstrations

SEATTLE - Things got tense on Capitol Hill Thursday, as protests continued in Seattle for a seventh straight night.

Hundreds gathered at 11th and Pine in Capitol Hill. The previous night, thousands marched through the neighborhood without any arrests or injuries, police reported.

Early Thursday afternoon, protesters gathered at the same intersection, listening to speakers and holding moments of silence.

"It’s easy to get lost and say, ‘this is destruction, we're losing our city.’ But when you see days like this you remember you get re-motivated to come out and be peaceful and do the right thing, and you see there are different ways to be heard or at least be seen,” said Faun Dublin.

But the atmosphere quickly changed as the evening progressed and another large group of protesters made their way to the intersection. At one point, several people crossed a police barricade, and at least one was detained.

From this point, the protest turned hostile.

“Can you blame them for being mad, can you blame them for being angry?” said Mercedes Ramble.

Ramble crossed the police barricade, but for a different reason. She worked to calm the protesters and prevent the night from turning violent.

“They may be mad. They may be angry. They may be upset. They may be yelling at the cops, but we’re doing it together,” she added.

Other protesters say fighting for what you believe in is what America is built on.

“We celebrate that protest in every elementary school. It’s called the Boston Tea Party. They destroyed property to protest taxes. We are out here protesting to protect lives,” said Mark Henry Jr.

Following the incident, the remainder of the protest remained hostile as people yelled and cursed police officers, but it did not turn violent.