Passenger trains canceled after mudslide near Seattle-Everett rail line

EVERETT, Wash. (AP) — A BNSF Railway spokesman says a Wednesday evening mudslide from a slope adjacent to the main rail line between Seattle and Everett has halted passenger train traffic in the corridor until Friday evening.

Gus Melonas says a Sounder commuter train was in the area when the slide hit and some debris ended up against the train's wheels. He says the train was not damaged, was inspected and has moved through the area.

Rail crews responded to remove the debris. Melonas says freight train disruption was expected to be minimal.

The slide struck a half mile south of the Everett train depot and measured 10 feet wide by 30 feet long and 4 feet deep. The area has been hit by heavy rain in recent days.

A 48-hour safety moratorium for passenger trains will last until Friday evening. During such moratoriums, rail passengers are bused between Seattle and Everett.

From Sound Transit:

Northline Sounder service between Everett and Seattle is canceled Thursday, December 11th due to a mudslide that occurred on 12/10/14. Sound Transit will provide special buses with direct service to/from Northline Sounder stations in addition to local bus service. Service will resume Monday, December 15, 2014 if no other events occur.

Morning bus service on 12/11/14
Everett-Seattle: Special buses will depart Everett Station from the Greyhound platform at 5:45 am, 6:15 am, 6:45 am, and 7:15 am. Riders may also board regularly scheduled ST Express Route 510 departing approximately every 10 minutes from Bay C1.

Mukilteo-Seattle: A special bus will depart Mukilteo Station from the driveway roundabout at the train platform at 6:26 am and 7:26 am. Riders may also board regularly scheduled Community Transit Route 417 at the Ferry Terminal departing at 5:49 am, 6:21 am, 6:51 am, 7:21 am, and 7:53 am

Edmonds-Seattle: A special bus will depart Edmonds Station from the Amtrak parking lot at 6:41 am and 7:41 am. Riders may also board regularly scheduled Community Transit Route 416 at Edmonds Station departing at 5:45 am, 6:15 am, 6:34 am, 6:55 am, and 7:42 am

- Take Everett Transit 18 at Bay D2

- Take Community Transit Swift at Bay G1 to 196th St SW & Hwy 99
- Transfer to Community Transit 196

Mukilteo - Edmonds:
- Take Community Transit 113 at Hwy 525 & Front St. to Lynnwood Transit Center
- Transfer to Community Transit 116