Pasco man gets Amber Alert on his phone just as he's parking next to car in question

PASCO - Can you even imagine?

A Pasco man was pulling into a Wendy's parking lot Monday night when he got an Amber Alert on his phone.

The car he was parking next to at that very moment was the Honda Civic police were looking for.

Police said the man found the 2002 Honda Civic that had been stolen an hour-and-a-half earlier with two little girls inside.

The suspect was gone.

The car was running.

And the children were inside in the car seats - safe and sound.

The car had been stolen from an apartment complex ten blocks away at about 6:45 p.m. Monday. The man found the car just before 8:15.

Side note: Tacoma residents received an incorrect Amber Alert during this time-frame. Police acknowledged that a mistake was made, but say they don't know what happened.