Pasado kittens rescued from hoarding situation, now they need a home

Pasado's Safe Haven

Pasado's Safe Haven rescued 14 kittens this week from a hoarding situation in Snohomish County where they contracted upper respiratory infections, eye infections and parasites. 

The kittens are beginning their recovery along with the 13 cats rescued by the sanctuary last week. The veterinary team is providing immediate care to get all 27 cats in stable condition, who will all be spayed or neutered when they are healthy enough to undergo surgery. 

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Shelters and rescues in the region are overwhelmed as they are currently in the middle of an unprecedented kitten season, according to Pasado's Safe Haven. Many are sick and need care. 

People can help by donating money or sending cat food and supplies from their wish list. Pasado's Safe Haven is also looking for families to adopt or foster animals.

While these kittens are very sick, the veterinary team is hopeful that they will heal quickly. The cats rescued last week are reportedly feeling healthy enough already to play with each other and with toys.