Parents worried about trick to try to entice kids into stranger's car

MOUNTLAKE TERRACE, Wash.  -- Police say a man used youngsters' fascination for super heroes to try and lure two boys into his vehicle on Saturday afternoon in a popular shopping center.

Police say the suspect told two boys, 14 and 7, that 'Batman' was in town and his 'sports car' was nearby. Both boys refused to go with the man and ran to tell their dad nearby. He then called police.

The idea really worries Tricia Swan. She is a mother of two young boys who love Batman.

"They have the toys. They watch the cartoons," Swan said.  "They’re definitely into Batman and that would definitely be appealing to them."

Jason Smith lives less than a mile from where the incident happened. He says he tries to tell his young son about the dangers of talking to strangers.

"We don’t want him just going up and talking to strangers," Smith said.  "If somebody approaches him, we want him to know he’s got to be careful."

Police say the man appeared to be in his 40s and had a medium build with brown and gray hair. He was wearing a dark leather jacket and dark-rimmed glasses at the time.

If you know anything about the incident you're asked to call police.