Parents: Son's 'fundamental rights' violated when teacher told him to put Bible away

MARSHALL, Mo. --  The parents of a 12-year-old boy who enjoys reading the Bible in his free time says his school violated their son's "fundamental rights" when they allegedly told him to put the book away, FOX4KC reports.

Loyal Grandstaff told his parents he loves reading his bible, and decided to take it out during a free read shortly before Christmas break. But as soon as he brought out the book, his teacher told him it wasn't allowed, Grandstaff's parents told FOX4KC.

"I was just reading, just reading because I had free time," Grandstaff said. "A time to do what I wanted to, so I just broke it out and read."

He said he wasn't reading the book out loud, or sharing it with his classmates.

Lance Tobin, the principal at Bueker Middle School in Marshall, says Bibles are not banned from school. Still, he told FOX4KC he needs to look into the situation to get the details before could further speak on the subject.

In the meantime, Grandstaff's parents are upset. They say they are trying to raise their children to honor God, FOX4KC reports.

"There are kids walking around disrespecting their teachers, kids walking around cussing and everything else and they're practically getting in no trouble at all," Grandstaff's dad Justin told FOX4KC.

Justin said he plans to meet with the principal soon to discuss the situation.