Parents in Tacoma overwhelmed by sample school day schedule

Students in Tacoma are heading back to school in three weeks. And after the district released a sample of what a day would look like for students learning remotely, parents are concerned.

A mom of four in is getting ready to send three of her children back-to-school with remote learning.

Syrina Jade Smith has three daughters Tysia, Taya and Tinsley who range in age from seven to twelve. Her youngest is Thierry, her two-year-old son.

“They’re very intelligent and they do very well in school,” said Smith of her girls.

Smith said her children love going to school and interacting with other students. She said remote learning from just isn’t the same.

“It was a little bit of a hot mess,” said Smith who described her youngest daughter getting worn down by the experience. “Just kind of just threw a fit every day. Anytime I asked her to even just read it was like a big deal.”

The family lives in Tacoma, where the first day back-to-school is on September 9.

The district released a sample schedule for remote learning. It’s detailed, and even takes into account when students can take “brain breaks.” Smith doesn’t find it realistic.

That’s even taking into consideration that Smith left her job after experiencing distance learning and working part-time. Her husband will keep working full-time, and she’ll stay at home full-time with the children.

“Stay patient and find our base, and find a group of other moms to kind of check in with,” said Smith about finding a support group in her community.

This year the Tacoma School District is offering two learning options. The first is a remote learning option that’s on track to return to the classroom when it’s safe.

The second is called Tacoma Online, with students learning from home the entire school year.

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