Parents have mixed feelings over students returning to Puyallup School District classrooms

Puyallup School District students are starting the process of heading back to classrooms, and parents have mixed reactions regarding the decision.

This upcoming week, some Puyallup School District Students return to the classroom.

On September 29th, small groups of self-contained special education students including developmental preschool, secondary McKinney Vento students will return on a reduced schedule.

From there, the district will do a staggered re-entry of all classes from youngest to oldest.

For some parents, this news is a much needed relief.

“It’s hard when you have other responsibilities as a parent, to now take on the responsibility of teaching the child at home,” said Vanessa Matos.

Matos has three kids doing digital learning in one house. She says it’s like a full-time job to make sure the kids are following along with their schoolwork. She says this is a real challenge when she is working her actual job from home.

“It’s been a lot of work and I’m so glad that the schools are opening up, and I can’t wait for the kids to go back,” she said.

For other parents, the situation is more complex.

“It hasn’t been working out very well for us, the distance learning,” said Kylee Schurmann.

Schurmann has a six-year-old daughter who is in the Puyallup School District. She says her daughter relies on the special services the district provides.

Schurmann says the last few weeks of at-home learning without those services have made educating her daughter difficult.

However, while Schurmann looks forward to the district being able to provide in-person learning, she is concerned about the possible health risks it will also bring.

“It’s not the safest choice. We want to keep our kids safe, our teachers safe, and our families safe. And it’s hard to feel like we’re doing that, like we’re making the right choice,” said Schurmann.

She says unfortunately, she does not have many options for her situation.

“It’s really easy to doubt yourself and wonder if you’re doing the right thing for your child. I feel like I’m making the choices; the options I have are either that she is not going to get the services she needs and the attention she needs, or that we’re putting ourselves at risk,” said Schurmann.