Parents, children demonstrate in Edmonds for stricter gun laws; shop owner calls it 'ridiculous'

EDMONDS, Wash. -- Less than a week after the Florida school shooting, several local groups have planned gun control rallies.

On Monday, a group of moms organized a rally bringing together the community in Edmonds to fight for stricter gun laws.

On this sidewalk in Edmonds, holding signs saying life is more valuable than a gun, this group of mothers, fathers, teachers and children walk for safety.

“Every life is one too many. I can’t help but get emotional about this,” said teacher and mother of two Ciara Lackie.

Lackie said she used to fear her children running into the streets and getting hurt, but now she’s worried about them dying in a classroom.

“It saddens me that part of my job description is teaching children how to fend for their lives,” said Lackie.

Lackie’s 7-year-old daughter holds a sign saying “Protect Me, Not The Guns.” She’s among dozens of kids in the crowd with strong messages.

“Someone’s right for an AK-47 -- is that more important than her right for safety?” asked father of two Jayden Zugel, whose young daughter sat on his shoulders holding a sign.

These families say they understand the Second Amendment, but believe their children matter more than guns.

“I don’t understand why certain hobbies comes above children’s lives,” said Lackie.

A few miles away from the rally is the Lynnwood Gun Shop, where owner Tiffany Teasdale says guns are a tool and fun.

“I’ve been shooting 24 years. I love guns,” said Teasdale.

She says she’s 100% against more laws. She says it’s human error causing tragedies, not lack of laws.

“The guns don’t hurt people, because you have to pull the trigger to cause harm. It’s not the firearm. That’s like saying cars on the road kill people because someone behind the wheel drives into someone. It’s not the car’s fault, it’s the person behind the wheel’s fault,” said Teasdale.

Teasdale says no child should die in a classroom but she’s not sympathizing with the anti-gun rallies.

“To me it’s ridiculous,” said Teasdale.

She says rallies following the Florida shooting are even more frustrating because little kids are protesting.

“These kids don’t know what they’re protesting against. Now you’re using a child as an instrument or a tool for them to get their point across,” said Teasdale.

Edmonds City Councilman Mike Nelson, a father of two, says that way of thinking has led the conversation for too long.

“We’ve seen result of not having protection, it’s time we change that discussion,” said Nelson.

Nelson says the Second Amendment is part of the founding principles of America, so is the right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, it’s deciding how to best protect the life part that causes steep difference of opinion.