Parents accused of neglect after 14-year-old boy with autism found roaming street naked

Chillicothe, MO (KCTV) -- Authorities say the parents of four Missouri children allowed them to live in filthy, nasty conditions and one child was nearly hit by a car while the parents were using drugs.

Daniel Schliessman III, 45, and his wife, Michelle M. Schliessman, 36, were charged with child endangerment involving drugs, a felony. The woman also was charged with drug possession after meth was found. Police sought to have the father charged with marijuana possession.

Just after 7 a.m. Sunday, police went to the couple's home at 1628 Fair St. in Chillicothe in Livingston County after receiving calls about their 14-year-old son running naked down the street. It was about 48 degrees when the boy, who has autism, was spotted about eight houses from his own residence.

The boy has a history of leaving his home unsupervised and darting into traffic, according to police. On Sept. 7, the boy was found U.S. 65 near the National Guard Armory.

"Multiple 911 calls were received by Chillicothe police dispatch advising that KEB (child's initials) had nearly been struck by vehicles," according to the police report.

It wasn't clear why the home wasn't searched then or any arrests were made. The boy turned 14 on Sept. 10.

Warning: the following details may upset some readers.

After the naked boy was spotted on Sunday morning, police went to the home and found what they described as disgusting conditions.

In addition to meth, items were found in the house that are traditionally used to cook meth. Those items and a propane style-blow torch where near where the children had access to, according to court records.

"Inside the residence, dog feces, cat feces and vomit from dogs and cats were found in multiple areas of the house on the floor, including the children's bedrooms," according to court records.

While the house was in disarray and filthy, the parents claimed they had moved in just four days earlier, according to court records.

The children didn't have toothbrushes and hadn't brushed their teeth in four days. In addition to the 14-year-old, the children in the home were a teen girl who is nearly 15 years old, a 6-year-old boy and a girl who will turn two years old on Oct. 5.

"All four children were dirty and it appeared the children had not bathed for an extended period of times," according to court documents.

The oldest child had open sores on her arms and legs. The youngest children had untreated bug bites on their legs.

Social workers took the children into their care.

According to court records, the mother admitted to using meth while their father was in jail for the past seven months. Michelle Schliessman had open sores on her body.

Residents were shocked by the accusations.

"It's sad . . . to know that kids are living in such conditions like that and I understand addictions but you have to come to a point where it's either your addiction or your kids," Jennifer Hague said.

Michael Bosley said he lived with the couple for a time and never noticed any neglect. He said the teen with autism can be difficult, but added that he's a sweet boy.

"He's a handful but once you get to know him he's really loving and caring," Bosley said. "I've known them very well. They are very good parents. It's sad to hear how everything went down."

Both parents remain in jail as of Monday night.