Paine Field to reopen in August with limited service

Paine Field will reopen its runways and terminal in August with limited service after two months of closure due to the coronavirus.

Airport officials say Alaska Airlines could have flights to and from Las Vegas and Phoenix, and United will fly to Denver. 

The airport suspended operations in May after demand for commercial air travel plummeted amid the global pandemic. 

Paine Field used that time to complete gate and ramp repairs and other maintenance. 

Brett Smith, CEO of Propeller Airports, the company that operates the terminal, says it didn't lay off any employees during the shutdown. He says he's optimistic about the terminal's potential going forward. 

"It's tough, but we aren't going anywhere," he says. "We are excited to reopen, and we are excited because we are going to do it in a smart way and extremely safe way ... we've researched the latest and greatest to keep facilities clean and make passengers feel safe."

That includes things like temperature checks and mask distribution for passengers who don't have them. 

Paine Field began commercial service in 2019 as a travel alternative to Sea-Tac Airport for people who live on the north end of Puget Sound.

More than one million people flew through Paine Field during its first year of commercial passenger service.