Pacific Mayor faces recall campaign

PACIFIC, Wash. -- The Committee to Recall Pacific Mayor Cy Sun delivered more than 550 signatures to the King County Elections office Monday morning according the Auburn Reporter. The elections office will verify the signatures in order to move forward with the recall campaign.

The elections office said 566 signatures were collected; 425 valid signatures are required for a recall.

If the required number of signatures are valid, a Special Election will be held 45-60 days after the signatures are verified.

Last week the Washington State Supreme Court denied Mayor Sun's appeal of the recall, which cleared the way for the committee to begin collecting signatures.

The court found Mayor Sun violated his oath of office by trying to use the police department as his own personal force and that he jeopardized the city's insurance coverage. Sun has also been named in a civil lawsuit over allegations of corruption and incompetence. The city's former police chief and four officers, who were either fired or forced out, filed the lawsuit.

Mayor Sun was elected on November 8, 2011, as a write-in candidate.