Overcrowding at college has students assigned to live in hotel

DENTON (KDAF) -- DENTON, TX — Forget the dorms, some Texas Woman's University students are headed to the 'Hotel, Motel, Holiday Inn!'

"I'm pretty stoked about it. I'm not going to lie," freshman CiCi Morris said.

This isn't a college frat party. Turns out, the campus dorms ran out of room.

"We have record enrollment this year, so the dorms are completely full," freshman David Freyman said.

Even though freshmen and sophomores with less than 60 hours are required to stay on campus, in a statement, TWU house said 100 students have been assigned to a Holiday Inn.

"This is a pretty cool dorm situation. I do like the hotel room service of course," freshman Lauren Johnson said.

"I know I get maid service because it's a hotel, which is going to be amazing, because as long as I make it into the trash can, I'm pretty sure they'll take care of it," Freyman added.

Wait…Housekeeping and a pool? Sign me up!

"You can't really sleep in right before class," Johnson added.

Yeah, since students have to take a shuttle to get to the quad. This hotel party is just temporary until some rooms open up back on campus.

"Part of me doesn't even want to move into the dorms," Morris said. "I feel like I'm going to get spoiled."

For now, looks like these guys are 'Chillin' at the Holiday Inn!'