Over 400 E-bike riders attempt to break Guinness World Record

Seattle--Records were made to be broken this afternoon at Magnuson Park, as riders attempted to break a Guinness World Record for the most E-bikes during a ride.

Cascade Bicycle Club organized a two-mile parade around Magnuson Park with hopes of breaking a previous record of 275 E-bikes during a ride .

Approximately 500 people registered for the ride which made organizers fairly confident that the record would be broken.

Executive Director Richard Smith says that breaking the record is about making a statement, both for E-bikers and conventional bike riders.

People are using bikes as their primary means of transportation, especially in the Puget Sound due to increased parking challenges.

Nationwide,  E-bikes sales have tripled over the last four years.

" E-bikes are really growing in the city of Seattle, it's an exciting way to get around because it flattens those hills and is super easy", says Richard Smith ,  Executive Director of Cascade Bicycle Club.

The fun of shattering the record didn't stop at the bike ride, booths were set up for riders to accessorize their E-bikes.

Cascade Bicycle Club says 406 riders participated during the attempt.  The final count  will be sent to Guinness to become official.