Orionid meteor shower peaks this weekend!

SEATTLE -- You may have spotted a meteor or two streaking across the sky this month, but the big show is coming this weekend. The Orionid meteor shower will peak Saturday night and Sunday morning (October 20 & 21).

After October 21, you still might see meteors until November 7.

This year the moon will be nearly full, which will diminish some of the meteors.

Astronomers suggest trying to view the shower in the early morning after the moon has set.

The Orionid meteor shower isn't the most productive shower of the year, but its closeness to the easy-to-spot Orion and its association with Halley's comet make it a well-known one.

At its peak, the shower usually produces between 10 and 20 meteors per hour.

The Orionids are remnants of Haley’s Comet, one of the most famous comets, which last flew Earth in 1986. It's expected to return in 2061.