Organizers hope 2nd annual Women's March will encourage widespread activism

SEATTLE -- Spurred by months of frustration over stories of sexual assault, a huge crowd is expected to march in Seattle this Saturday (January 20) in the second annual Women's March, which they're calling March 2.0.

This year, the march will happen exactly a year after President Donald Trump took office.

Organizers hope it will encourage widespread activism beyond the streets by those who advocate for civil rights, women's and LGBTQ rights, as well as other causes.

Seattle women’s march draws 175,000 attendees, organizers say

On Sunday,  volunteers created posters for the march at The Riveter -- a shared, workspace in Seattle that focuses on supporting women.

"We love that people are having conversations about what inspires them. And they're thinking about what they want to do in the coming year," organizer Jonna Bell told Q13 News.

"Everybody that I know that marched last year, kind of did something different this year, whether they wrote letters, or whether they did phone banking or they volunteered. I mean, it sort of inspired people to take real action," Janine Brunyee with Be the Change Network said.

One of the speakers this year will be state senator Manka Dhingra.

Last November, she helped flip the state Senate to Democratic control by winning her district in Kirkland.

"This is about actually making sure that people have a voice. This is about defining a new normal. About making sure we are talking about respect, dignity and equality," Dhingra said Sunday.

The march will begin with a rally at Cal Anderson Park beginning at 10 a.m. on Saturday. The march to the Seattle Center will begin at 11:30 a.m. and there are events scheduled for Sunday, as well.

Participents are encouraged to use public transportation.