Oregon officials announce state's 1st presumed coronavirus case: An elementary school employee

SALEM, Ore.  — Oregon's first presumed coronavirus case emerged on Friday. The infected person worked at an elementary school in the Portland area, which will be closed for three days, officials said.

The Lake Oswego School District sent robocalls to parents saying that Forest Hills Elementary school will be closed until Wednesday, and will be deep cleaned by maintenance workers.

KPTV reports that the person is considered a "community-transmitted" case, meaning they did not recently travel to a country where the virus is spreading and they weren't exposed to someone known to be infected.

Oregon health authorities planned to spend the weekend trying to find everyone the unidentified person, who was in a hospital, had been in contact with.

Hours before the case emerged, the state ramped up efforts to combat an outbreak amid potential challenges including closing schools, businesses and events, and sustained shortages of medical supplies.

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