Oregon man arrested for riding on the back of a live and 'exhausted' deer

RILEY, Ore. -- An 18-year-old from central Oregon was arrested for reportedly riding on the back of a "live and exhausted" mule deer buck while it was trapped in a fenced feeding enclosure.

According to Oregon State Police, troopers received information on a disturbing video that was being shared on social media.

The video displayed what appeared to be a young adult male climbing onto and eventually riding on the back of a live and exhausted mule deer buck.

Throughout the video, the mule deer buck can be heard grunting and bleating. After escaping the rider, the buck jumped into a linked fence multiple times, attempting to escape the enclosure.

Investigators identified the primary suspect as an 18-year-old from Riley, Oregon. He was arrested on charges of wildlife harassment and animal abuse II. His friend who filmed the incident could face charges of aiding in a wildlife offense.