Oregon family shocked to find Washington man sleeping in their garage; he says 'spirits' at fault

BANKS, Ore.  -- Two brothers were on their way home from school when they noticed the door to their garage was swung wide open, deputies said.

On closer examination, they surprised to see a strange car in their garage Tuesday and even more shocked to see a man sleeping inside.

According to KPTV in Portland, Zachary Murdock said, “My brother goes in and looks and there’s a guy sitting in there, chair leaned back and he’s just sleeping."

That's when they called the Washington County Sheriff's Office.

Deputies said the driver, a 51-year-old man from Port Orchard, Wash.,  told them "spirits" told him to drive to the coast, but when he became tired the spirits then told him to pull over and get rest at the closest place.

Murdock said he doesn’t believe it was spirits at all.

“I think he was coming up with some excuse to not be sent to jail,” Murdock said.

Deputies cited the Port Orchard man for criminal trespassing.

Murdock added that he wasn’t scared but rather more confused and baffled.