Oops! Did WSU bookstore 'Coug-It' with planner misprint?

PULLMAN -- In a world of intense rivalries, printing another school's building on your school's academic planner should be considered a no-no.

An EXTREME no-no.

Twitter and Reddit exploded with pictures of a WSU 2014-15 academic calender Tuesday.

But not for good reason. The planner sold at The Bookie -- WSU's bookstore -- features a photograph of the University of Washington's Miller Hall.

According to a WSU official, The Bookie was responsible for the planner's printing, and since The Bookie is independently managed, WSU had no oversight over the printing.

Assuming the picture isn't Photoshopped, this is a huge faux pas. Twitter users from both schools expressed dislike of the mistake.

The website Wazzuwatch.com speculated the printing work was outsourced to a third party, who did not know the gorgeous building was actually located at a different school, and perhaps used a stock image for the cover.

Regardless, commenters on Wazzuwatch.com showed little leeway for the error.

"What an embarrassment," one commenter said.