'One of the greatest men I ever met:' 26-year-old Gig Harbor Navy sailor dies from COVID-19 complications

The United States reached a grim milestone on Sunday-- 500,000 people have died nationwide from the coronavirus.

It's a stark number that should be cause for reflection on the toll the virus has taken on so many here in western Washington. 

While it's uncommon for someone young to die from the virus, it happened to 26-year-old Cody Myers from Gig Harbor. According to the CDC, people under the age of 34 accounted for less than one percent of the total deaths.  

Myers was a Navy sailor, husband and father, who died earlier this month from complications due to the coronavirus. 

"Cody was probably one of the greatest men I ever met in my life. He was always an accepting and loving individual," said Isaac Munroe, who has been close friends with Myers since the two were six years old.

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Munroe said Myers loved his country so much that he enlisted in the Navy. Though there was one aspect of his life that he loved more: being a husband and father. 

"Being a father was everything to Cody. As was being a husband. He loved his wife and son more than anything. It was his world to protect them. To be there for them. To support them," Munroe said. 

According to the Navy, Myers worked on submarines and came into contact with someone that had coronavirus in mid-January. He was admitted to a military hospital in Jacksonville, Florida at the end of the month. In early February, he died of complications from the virus, five days after he was admitted to the hospital. 

Since Myers was such a huge Mariners fan, the family is hoping to hold a small memorial at T-Mobile Park.