One of 4 killed in Manson was possible witness in suspect's kidnapping trial

MANSON, Wash. -- The Chelan County Sheriff's Office has identified the four people shot and killed earlier this week in the Manson area.

According to Sheriff Brian Burnett, 24-year-old Edgar Cisneros-Costumbre and Jose Luis Leyva were found dead in a car Tuesday afternoon. Burnett says Cisneros was interviewed as a potential witness in the 2014 kidnapping of Ignacio Ramirez.

Later that day, officers conducted a search warrant at a home on Ivan Morse Road and discovered the bodies of 56-year-old Benito Caro Sedano and his 50-year-old wife Maria G. Sedano.

Sedano is suspected of shooting and killing Cisneros and Rodriguez in an orchard.

"Upon fleeing, he was confronted by a Deputy a short distance from his home where Sedano began shooting at the Deputy, nearly hitting him, but fortunately only striking the car," said Burnett. "It was discovered upon further investigation there were at least 9 bullet holes in the Deputy’s patrol car.  Eleven bullet casings were discovered at the scene involving the Deputy."

Investigators say someone called 911 after 2 p.m. Tuesday to report a shooting on Ivan Morse Road north of Chelan. Deputies called to the scene found two unidentified victims shot to death in a car near the shore of Lake Chelan.

Police searched for a gunman after finding the bodies, putting schools in the lock-down during the search. According to KOZI Radio, a suspect was spotted sometime in the late afternoon. The suspect shot at a sheriff's deputy and K9 before barricading himself in his home.

Neither the deputy nor his K9 partner were injured.

Sheriff's deputies surrounded the suspect's home and a 12-hour standoff ensued, KOZI Radio reported. Early Wednesday morning, the suspect and another individual were found dead in the home from what appeared to be a murder-suicide, KOZI said.

Sedano was being prosecuted in the kidnapping and robbery of Ignacio Ramirez and Jesus Blanco Delgado last December. Ramirez body was later found in a shallow grave near Sedano's home, but Sedano had not been charged in the homicide.